Chirp – DePIN for Global IOT and Mobile – Brave New Coin

Chirp – DePIN for Global IOT and Mobile – Brave New Coin

Tim Kravchunovsky is the founder and CEO of Chirp. Chirp is a trailblazing DePIN network founded by a team of Telecommunications experts with decades of experience. Tim Kravchunovsky has over 20 years of experience as a network engineer, having held a position as a Consulting Engineer at the World Bank, Comacast and Chemonics International. Tim founded Chirp in January 2021 to connect the world through groundbreaking, accessible technology that has the potential to transform the way we all live our daily lives.

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Chirp’s mission is to connect the largest number of devices with the blockchain under one revolutionary network and a SaaS platform. With a focus on IoT and Mobile, Chirp aims to redefine the future of wireless communication.

DePIN project Chirp Token is about to launch its testnet – the first step in bringing interconnected, people-powered IoT connectivity to the world. Mainnet will follow later in the year.

DePIN is one of the leading crypto narratives of 2024. DePIN uses blockchain to develop physical infrastructure like telecom communication, storage, IoT, and more. By decentralizing infrastructure, DePIN achieves tech scale and gives power back to the users.

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