Quai Network – Energy-based Money for the 21st Century – Brave New Coin

Quai Network – Energy-based Money for the 21st Century – Brave New Coin

Dr. K is the Co-Founder of Quai Network, a new Layer 1 network of blockchains designed to scale to handle all human commerce while maintaining true decentralization. 

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Quai Network is an EVM compatible, highly scalable, secure Layer 1 blockchain, designed for fast, low cost, high-throughput transactions, complemented by programmable smart contracts. It emphasizes swift finalization, steadfast censorship resistance, and robust resilience against adversarial threats. The system is built using an advanced multi-threaded blockchain with adaptive architecture and a native dual token system $QUAI & $QI, enabled by a breakthrough Proof-of-Entropy-Minima (“PoEM”) consensus mechanism. The Quai Network is in testnet.

Quai is a merge-mined network of blockchains. This network is able to coordinate an infinite number of blockchains (execution shards) by using the Proof-of-Entropy-Minima (PoEM) consensus mechanism, which eliminates all consensus-based contention. The ability for PoEM to coordinate a perpetually growing set of blockchains allows the network to process more than 50,000 transactions per second. The architecture is a composable multithreaded execution environment with blocks being produced approximately every 1.1 seconds in a 9-shard construction.

All blockchains in the network can transfer and receive state through the process of merged mining, which asynchronously produces hash linked references between chains. Quai extends traditional work-based block production to enable transfers between blockchains without introducing new trusted validation mechanisms.

Quai provides scalability by dynamically sharding to add more execution shards to the network as demand for block space increases. This enables Quai to support low-cost day-to-day transactions as the user-base grows in perpetuity.

While blockchain technology has shown its potential to enable a widely-used digital currency, existing solutions reintroduce subjectivity while only achieving limited scale. Quai is unlike other multi-chain solutions which require a trusted set of validators that create weak security guarantees when moving between chains.

Quai addresses issues with scalability while maintaining decentralization to create an un-censorable network that can be ubiquitously used as money.

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