Warren Buffett on Trusted Partners

Trusted partners are invaluable. Charlie Munger has been my trusted companion in both business and life

Buffett on Seeking Advice

I value diverse perspectives. Talking to various people helps me make informed decisions." - Warren Buffett

Buffett on Decision Making

Buffett on Munger's Integrity 

Charlie Munger's integrity is unmatched. His honesty in both work and life is something I deeply cherish

Buffett Warns on AI Scams 

AI scamming could be the next big 'growth industry.' We must be cautious of the risks it poses." - Warren Buffett

Ajit Jain on Geico's Analytics 

Data analytics is crucial for Geico's growth. We are committed to bridging the gap and becoming leaders in this field

Buffett's Slip-Up 

Slip-ups happen, but they remind us of the strong bonds we share. Mistakenly referring to Greg Abel as Charlie Munger was an honor.

Berkshire's Apple Stake 

Our stake in Apple remains strong. Despite recent adjustments, we believe in the long-term prospects of the company. 

Buffett on Japanese Investments 

Investments in Japanese trading houses are compelling. We remain optimistic about their potential 

Buffett's Cash Hoard