USWNT celebrating a victory

Fox Sports analyst Stu Holden believes the USWNT has lofty expectations for the Olympics. .


Stu Holden's Credentials 

Extensive experience in the sport, providing insightful commentary on international competitions.

USWNT Legacy 

The USWNT has a storied history in women's soccer, boasting multiple Olympic gold medals and World Cup victories. 

Past Successes 

Recap of USWNT's achievements in previous Olympic tournaments. 

Recent Performances 

Analysis of the team's performance leading up to the Olympics. 

Competition Overview  

Overview of other strong contenders in women's soccer at the Olympics. 

Player Expectations 

Discussion on the expectations placed on individual players within the USWNT 

Impact of Performance 

Analysis of the broader implications of the USWNT's performance at the Olympics. 


Recap of Holden's viewpoint on the USWNT's Olympic aspirations