When will Ramadan 2024 begin in most Islamic countries?

When will Ramadan 2024 begin in most Islamic countries?

A person prays after breaking fast on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Chaman, November 17, 2001. —Reuters

Islamic nations, having initiated the month of Shaaban on February 11, 2024, are gearing up to observe the crescent moon for Ramadan on March 10, Gulf News reported. 

The International Astronomical Center notes that the central conjunction is scheduled for 9 am GMT on that day, with the moon expected to set after sunset across most Islamic regions. As a result, it is anticipated that many countries will mark the beginning of Ramadan on March 11.

Despite this, the likelihood of sighting the crescent on March 10 appears slim, according to scientific criteria for crescent visibility. 

Renowned scholars such as Ibn Tariq, Wutheringham, Maunder, Parwin, and Elias, along with astronomical observatories like SAAO, and researchers Yallop and Odeh agree that the crescent won’t be visible that day across the Arab and Islamic world, either with the naked eye or through a telescope.

However, the use of a telescope might make the crescent visible from specific parts of the Americas, especially in the western regions.

Therefore, for countries within the Islamic world that require accurate crescent sighting, Ramadan is expected to commence on Tuesday, March 12. 

As preparations unfold, the anticipation for the Ramadan crescent sighting adds a significant aspect to the observance of this sacred month in the Islamic calendar.

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