Russian hackers trying to ‘hack’ Microsoft

Russian hackers trying to ‘hack’ Microsoft

Hackers are trying to leverage information pilfered from tech giant’s corporate emails in January

Smartphone is seen in front of Microsoft logo displayed in this illustration taken July 26, 2021.—Reuters

Tech-giant Microsoft Friday revealed that Midnight Blizzard, a Russian state-sponsored hacking group, is attempting to breach its systems once more, Reuters reported.

The hackers are trying to use data stolen from the tech giant’s corporate emails in January 2024.

The event underscores the group’s specific focus on penetrating Microsoft, a significant software designer and a critical provider of digital assistance to the US government.

The hacking group, also known as Nobelium, is seemingly using earlier stolen data to make continued attempts to breach Microsoft’s systems, including source code repositories and internal systems. 

Microsoft emphasised the raised aggression of Midnight Blizzard, noting a tenfold rise in their use of “password sprays” since the January attack.

The Russian embassy in Washington, despite Microsoft’s previous disclosure in January, has not responded to the recent statement, nor has it remarked on Microsoft’s prior reports about Midnight Blizzard’s moves.

Microsoft emphasised its commitment to assisting affected customers, indicating that the hackers are employing the acquired information to potentially identify areas for future attacks. 

The company stressed that there is no evidence of compromise in its customer-facing systems, reassuring the public of the security of those platforms.

This ongoing campaign to breach Microsoft reflects the substantial commitment of resources, coordination, and focus by the threat actor, signalling a sustained and significant cybersecurity threat.

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