Ronny Chieng Is Sad to See Nikki Haley Go

Ronny Chieng Is Sad to See Nikki Haley Go

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Nikki Haley dropped out of the presidential race on Wednesday after President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump dominated Super Tuesday elections.

“No! The baby boomer death grip continues,” Ronny Chieng said while hosting Wednesday’s “Daily Show.”

“But here’s the good news for Haley. She’s only 52, which means she can run for president at least eight more times.” — JIMMY FALLON

“No! Don’t quit now, Nikki! You were only 80,000 delegates behind!” — RONNY CHIENG

“If you drop out, who will little girls without any principles, convictions or charisma look up to?” — RONNY CHIENG

On Wednesday’s “Late Show,” Ariel Elias shared a story of her comedy stand-up set going viral.

Ricky Martin will promote his Trilogy Tour with Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.”

Making biopics can be complicated by input from real people whose lives are recreated onscreen.

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