John Cena gushes over ‘unbelievable’ Zac Efron

John Cena gushes over ‘unbelievable’ Zac Efron

John Cena and Zac Efron are currently working on new comedy film ‘Ricky Stanicky’ together

John Cena gushes over ‘unbelievable’ Zac Efron

John Cena cannot stop gushing over Zac Efron for being “such a great guy!”

The former WWE icon, who partnered up with the 36-year-old actor for a new comedy film Ricky Stanicky, talked about his bonding experience with him.

While John has a 20-year wrestling stint to his name, Zac had only recently transformed into a pro-wrestler for his film The Iron Claw.

“He just came off filming ‘Iron Claw.’ This is stuff I know about and an avenue where I feel comfortable. I got my 10,000 hours. So he got to set and that’s kind of how I broke the ice with him,” John told PEOPLE.

He added, “We immediately had a lot of bonding through his experience, and I was super psyched that he did the movie. Man, he was excellent in the movie, and I’m so glad that it’s so well received.”

Calling Zac “an unbelievable human being,” John also praised his approach towards fame. “I don’t know what life is like with that, and I don’t know the strength that you need to leave the house every day like that,” he added.

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