Holi 2024: How to Protect Your Eyes During Holi – News18

Holi 2024: How to Protect Your Eyes During Holi – News18

To ensure a safe and enjoyable celebration, it is essential to follow some simple yet effective eye care practices

Dr Mandeep Singh Basu, Director, Dr. Basu Eye Hospital shares tips to protect your eyes during the festival of colours

As the festival of colors, Holi, approaches, the air is filled with excitement and joy. It’s a time to celebrate with friends and family, but amidst all the colorful fun, it’s crucial to protect our eyes from potential harm. The colors used during Holi contain chemicals that can cause irritation, redness, and even severe damage to our eyes. To ensure a safe and enjoyable celebration, it is essential to follow some simple yet effective eye care practices:

  1. Rinse Immediately if Colors Get into EyesIf colors accidentally enter your eyes, rinse them immediately with clean water. Delaying this step can lead to irritation and further complications. Always keep clean water handy while playing with colors.
  2. Use Cold Compress for DiscomfortIf you experience any discomfort or irritation after playing Holi, use a cold compress on your eyes. This can help reduce inflammation and soothe your eyes.
  3. Wear Protective GearShield your eyes from color splashes by wearing sunglasses. For added protection, especially for children, consider using swimming goggles.
  4. Avoid Wearing Contact LensesContact lenses can trap colors and cause irritation or damage to the cornea. It’s safer to wear glasses instead while playing with colors.
  5. Choose Herbal or Eco-Friendly ColorsSynthetic colors contain harmful substances like glass powder and lead oxide, which can harm your eyes. Opt for herbal or eco-friendly colors made from natural ingredients to avoid eye complications.
  6. Play Gently, Avoid Aggressive PlayPlaying aggressively with colors, especially those induced with chemicals, can increase the risk of colors accidentally entering your eyes. Play gently to avoid this.
  7. Splash Water, Don’t Rub Your EyesIf colors enter your eyes, avoid rubbing them with colored hands as it can cause more damage. Instead, splash water on your eyes until the colors clear up and the irritation subsides.
  8. Apply Oil for Added ProtectionBefore playing Holi, apply a thick layer of oil or petroleum jelly around your eyes. Coconut oil is a good option due to its neutrality. This creates a protective barrier and helps colors slip away before they enter your eyes.
  9. Keep Your Hair Tied UpTo prevent colors from dripping onto your face and possibly entering your eyes, keep your hair, especially long hair, properly tied up. This simple step can ensure a safer and more comfortable Holi celebration.
  10. Avoid Self-MedicationIn case of irritation or if colors enter your eyes, refrain from using random eye drops or natural ingredients like honey, milk, or oil. Seek consultation from your nearest ophthalmologist for the best treatment to avoid further damage to your eyes.By following these simple yet effective eye care practices, you can enjoy a safe and vibrant Holi celebration without compromising the health of your eyes.

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