Aashir discusses hopes for ‘Sadqay’ | The Express Tribune

Aashir discusses hopes for ‘Sadqay’  | The Express Tribune

Riding high atop Spotify global charts, embodying Instagram reels across the sub-continent and barrelling through to viral success is the song Sadqay by singing duo brothers Aashir and Nayel Wajahat. The talented young brothers spoke to Voice of America Urdu about their hopes and dreams for the song going forward.

Discussing the thought process behind Sadqay, Aashir, 21, explained that no one had ever written a song about teenage romance before. It was an area he and his brother wanted to explore. Now that their hit song is out, their new dream is that Shahrukh Khan picks it up and shares it.

“We are Shahrukh’s Khan’s biggest fans,” said younger brother Nayel with a laugh. “We know he’s not the most active person on social media, but we still wish he would pick it up!”

Working as a team

Laughing and joking together throughout their interview, Aashir and Nayel perfected the vision of the ideal duo. For example, despite being the older brother, Aashir has never once told Nayel to just shut up and do as he is told. “That has never happened!” they both said with a laugh.

Laughter is a common theme when the two are working together, and working together is something they do exceptionally well.

“When it comes to the division of work, I’d say I do 60 per cent, and he does 40 per cent,” mused Aashir when questioned how they go about dividing their tasks.

Family bursting with talent

Working with such compatibility is no mean feat in a family overflowing with talent. So far, since 2022, Aashir has written songs for movies, played the lead in a movie in 2023 and now in 2024, has a song trending on Spotify.

“I’m retiring in 2025!” joked Aashir. Despite his success, Aashir understands how all-pervading criticism is in his career of choice, and that it is something all artists face. When asked about how he countered negativity, Aashir explained, “You can only give your best. If you have good intentions, work hard and put your heart in it, you will succeed.’

However, despite all their achievements, neither brother has felt the pressure of following their parents’ footsteps. When asked if he would appear in one of his father’s films, Aashir insisted, “Only if there is a need for an actor my age. Then I may consider it.”

Nayel, however, nurses no ambitions whatsoever of becoming an actor or joining the film industry, but conceded that if the right project came along, he would be up for it.

“If that right project comes along that suits me personally, I would do it,” he said. This, however, has nothing to do with the path his brother’s career is taking.

“I explained to my parents very early on, that Aashir is Aashir, and I am different,” explained the young singer.

It is something both parents have accepted, and when asked which brother’s work they preferred, both brothers burst into laugher.

“That’s like asking who your favourite child is!” quipped Aashir in mock outrage.

However, after giving it some thought, Nayel conceded that his father probably preferred his brother’s work, and Aashir said that their mother would approve of anything they produced with no bearing at all on the quality, “because that is what mothers do!”

The brothers ended their interview singing a snippet of their hit sensation, harmonising perfectly with one another. With time on their side, one can only hope what hits might flow out from them in the coming years, and if Shahrukh Khan hears their plea and picks them up, who knows how high they can fly.

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