3ft Indian man beats all odds to fulfill dream of becoming doctor

3ft Indian man beats all odds to fulfill dream of becoming doctor

Dr Ganesh Baraiya is an Indian doctor who is 3ft tall. — India Times/File

Dr Ganesh Baraiya is an Indian doctor who is making headlines across the nation for achieving his dream despite his remarkably short height, The Hindustan Times reported.

The three-feet-tall doctor was initially disqualified from pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) by the Medical Council of India due to his short height but his determination kept him motivated to achieve his dream one day.

“After I passed Class 12 and cleared the NEET exam to enrol into MBBS and filled up the form, the Medical Council of India committee rejected me for my height, he said. “They said that I would not be able to handle emergency cases because of my short height.”

Following the council’s refusal, Baraiya, along with his school principal, sought the help of the District Collector and the state Education Minister.

He then approached the Gujarat High Court where he lost the case.

“Two other candidates were with us who were differently abled…We lost the case in the High Court but then we decided to challenge the decision in the Supreme Court,” he said.

Baraiya won the case in the Supreme Court in 2018 and finally got admission into MBBS in 2019.

After his MBBS, Baraiya worked as an intern at Sir-T hospital in Bhavnagar.

Baraiya’s diminutive stature affects how his patients initially perceive him.

He shared that, initially, patients judge him for his height but eventually, they settle in and acknowledge him as their physician.

“Whenever patients see me they are a bit startled at first but then they accept me and I also accept their initial behaviour. They behave with me cordially and with positivity. They become happy as well,” said Baraiya.

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