UK-Based Chef Makes Healthier Version Of Classic Sindhi Recipe. Internet Calls It “Tempting”

UK-Based Chef Makes Healthier Version Of Classic Sindhi Recipe. Internet Calls It “Tempting”

Last year in September, UK-based chef Jake Dryan prepared a delectable Sindhi treat known as aloo tuk. Jake, who is popular for his Indian food cooking videos, shared a clip, showing him preparing the dish, which was his “favourite recipe from Sindhi week.” The dish turned out to be a huge hit amongst the internet users. Witnessing this love for the dish, now Jake decided to prepare aloo tuk again but with a healthy twist. In the clip, Jake can be heard saying, “Today we are making a healthier version of aloo tuk. It is an amazing Sindhi recipe. Basically, smashed potatoes that have been fried and tossed in spices.” Then he begins the preparation with a box full of boiled sweet potatoes. Jake goes on to explain how he likes to store boiled sweet potatoes so that he can use them whenever he wants. Next, he takes a big chunk of boiled sweet potato and then starts smashing it with the back of a mug until it flattens.

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He repeats the procedure with other chunks as well. Then, he drizzles flatten boiled potatoes with oil on both sides. The text on the video read, “Bake or air fry 200 Celsius for about 20 minutes.” After putting sweet potatoes into the air fryer, Jake Dryan goes on to make his own spice mix. He adds a little “turmeric, chilli powder, coriander powder, amchur (mango powder), black salt and some more salt.” After mixing all the spices together, he checks the sweet potatoes. Once they are crisp enough, Jake sprinkles the masala mix on the top. He then again drizzles a little oil on top of it. Next, he adds chopped green chillies and coriander leaves. Mix it all properly and voila! Your healthier aloo tuk is ready to be gorged on.

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The comments section of the post was flooded with many lauding the recipe. Several users said it looked very “tempting”. A comment read, “An air fryer must be a wonderful option… Looking so tempting, full of flavours and delicious.”

A user said, “This looks amazing!! Love the page.”

Another said, “Wow looks delicious.”

“Brilliant modification,” thought a user.

A few expressed gratitude and said, “Thank you so much for liking… making this recipe in a healthy way.. and sharing my traditional recipe…”

Click here to see Jake Dryan’s original aloo tuk recipe.

Would you like to try this dish at home?

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