WATCH: Childhood besties separated by Pakistan-India partition reunite in US

WATCH: Childhood besties separated by Pakistan-India partition reunite in US

Suresh Kothari and AG Shakir hope to see each other again at Kothari’s 90th birthday next month in New Jersey

Childhood besties, Suresh Kothari and AG Shakir, separated by Pakistan-India partition reunite in US. — Instagram/@megankothari

In a heartwarming reuion, childhood besties Suresh Kothari and AG Shakir who were separated by the Pakistan-India partition in 1947 recently reunited with each other in the United States.

Kothari and Shakir, both lived and grew up together in Deesa, Gujarat before Shakir relocated to Pakistan during the partition.

Despite getting separated at the age of 12, both friends tried to reconnect in 1982 in New York, via a mutual friend but were unsuccessful.

Alas! In October 2023, after 41 long years, they met again in the United States and their reunion was documented by Kothari’s granddaughter Megan Kothari who posted the video on her Instagram. 

The video, which has now gone viral, showed the two men sharing an embrace.

Megan captioned the post: “The love and respect they still held for each other, despite the geographical and political barriers that had separated them, is profound. 

“It serves as a powerful reminder that the power of human connection cannot be extinguished by any government or border.”

She added that the pair “hope to be reunited” at her grandfather’s 90th birthday next month in New Jersey.

The story of Kothari and Shakir is a reminder of the lasting impact of human connections, transcending even the most formidable barriers.

The two individuals’ undying love for each other and unbreakable friendship shine as a beacon of hope and humanity in a world often divided by borders and politics.

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