This Women’s Day, learn about self-defence to steer clear of possible dangers

This Women’s Day, learn about self-defence to steer clear of possible dangers

Several women in Lahore learn different techniques of self-defence at Pakistan Self-Defence Federation

Several women in Lahore are learning different techniques of self-defence at the Pakistan Self-Defence Federation (PSDF) to enable themselves to deal with any untoward situation.

But what is self-defence? Many believe that self-defence is fighting or wrestling but in fact, it is the ability to evade or protect oneself against any danger.

According to PSDF Major (retd) Jawad, self-defence is the skill of safely evacuating the “kill zone”.

“This is a skill [you can use] when you find yourself in a crucial stage where you need to protect your life and honour. This skill of self-defence is extremely important for survival,” he said.

Kung Fu expert Shajjia, who hails from Hunza, told Geo News that she is a pro in martial arts but even she is learning self-defence to master how to avoid any untoward situation.

“Being a martial arts player, I am learning self-defence so every ordinary girl should also learn the skills,

The women and girls attending the self-defence classes at the PSDF said that women from every walk of life would be able to defend themselves against any danger.

“We should always be mentally prepared and know what to do in any situation,” one of the participants of self-defence education said. 

Another said that it doesn’t matter what age anyone is, they must learn self-defence skills. She suggested that self-defence should be a part of every school’s discourse.

A member of the PSDF said that women are naturally delicate compared to men but that doesn’t mean they can be suppressed. Therefore, every woman should know how to protect herself.

Some of the participants even shared that they had to face criticism over learning self-defence.

However, comprising 21 techniques to protect oneself, self-defence education is not only for women but also for young boys and even men in every society. 

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