Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince bans Iftar in mosques – SUCH TV

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince bans Iftar in mosques – SUCH TV

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, has issued an order banning Iftar in mosques ahead of the upcoming Ramazan, which is tentatively slated to begin on March 11 and conclude by April 9 this year.

The directive, issued by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and dated February 20, 2024, outlines a series of instructions for mosque employees during the holy month. Among the guidelines, imams and muezzins are prohibited from collecting financial donations for organizing iftar feasts within mosque premises.

The move comes amidst concerns raised by the religious ministry regarding cleanliness and the impact of iftar feasts held inside mosques. Instead, imams and muezzins have been tasked with overseeing the organization of these feasts in mosque courtyards, with a focus on maintaining cleanliness immediately after the conclusion of the meal.

In a notice posted on X (formerly Twitter), the Ministry announced, “The #Ministry_of_Islamic_Affairs, Dawah and Guidance issues a number of instructions related to mosques during the blessed month of #Ramazan 1445 AH.”

Furthermore, the Ministry discouraged the use of cameras inside mosques during prayer times, stating that recording the imam and worshippers undermines the sanctity of the worship experience. Prayers are also prohibited from being broadcast on any media platform, including social media.

Officials have been instructed to prioritize attendance and punctuality during Ramazan, emphasizing the importance of their roles during this sacred period.

The ban on mosque iftar and the additional directives issued by the Ministry underscore Saudi Arabia’s efforts to uphold religious customs while addressing practical concerns and ensuring a reverent atmosphere during the holy month of Ramazan.


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