Navin Waqar calls Pakistan ‘a very judgmental society’ | The Express Tribune

Navin Waqar calls Pakistan ‘a very judgmental society’ | The Express Tribune

In a recent conversation with host Sidra Iqbal, Pakistani actor Navin Waqar delved into the pervasive judgmental nature of society, shedding light on the challenges and consequences of being in the public eye. Navin expressed her concerns about the tendency of people to revel in the downfall of others, stating, “I don’t know what it is about people in general but they enjoy watching someone fall from grace.”

“They enjoy watching people take that dive. They derive pleasure from it, they like it when they are maligning someone. So in that sense, we are a very judgmental society,” the 39-year-old contended.

Highlighting the societal inclination to accept one side of a story without considering the complete narrative, Navin lamented the lack of a fair hearing. “We do not hear both sides of a story. We listen to one side of the story and we say, we know everything there’s needed to know. You don’t know it,” she added. “You don’t know what the other side of the coin is like. As long as you don’t see, don’t evaluate it. I don’t think people even want to.”

As per Navin, “People don’t think about it because they have what they want. A spicy problem. So why would they listen to someone who wants to rob it of the spice.” The actor also emphasised the sensationalism surrounding news and its rapid dissemination without fact-checking. She insisted, “If a piece of news is making rounds, they make sure the same news is spread everywhere. They are not going to stop and say this news isn’t true.”

Sharing her personal experience with online trolling and its aftermath, Navin revealed a poignant lesson she gleaned from the adversity. She said her experiences taught her that tough times tell you who your friend is whilst the good moments will invite many only pretending to be a friend.

The conversation also touched upon cultural perceptions surrounding divorce, a subject often deemed shameful in society. Navin offered her perspective, stating, “I wouldn’t blame the girl because she’s been raised to believe that. I would blame the parents. Parents give their children the confidence from an early age that never fall this low in life that you have to beg someone for them to stay in your life.”

She went on to challenge the negative connotations associated with divorce, underscoring that while it is an unpleasant experience, it is not the end of the world. She remarked, “I think divorce is a very unpleasant word, yes, it’s not a cause for joy. It’s a horrible thing to happen to somebody but it’s not the end of the world.”

Highlighting the evolving societal attitudes towards divorce, Navin acknowledged the changing times. She commented, “I think times have changed a lot now. Earlier, they would leave the girl dying with her in-laws. ‘Don’t come back with a divorce even if you die.’ How can you do that to somebody you gave birth to? I think, now, divorce is not such a bad thing. Yes, you mourn it. If you’re leaving a relationship where you have to endure disrespect, beatings, or you’re being demeaned, why would you want to continue living that life?”

“Women need to understand that they no longer need to cry about all these things and our drama industry is living on marriages and divorces. Every second story is that. I think it’s time we started reinventing and reassessing what we are showing to people,” Navin urged a shift in perspective, urging women to embrace independence and reject societal pressures. 

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