UNIBOT Crashes 37% Following End Of Cooperation With Solana Team

UNIBOT Crashes 37% Following End Of Cooperation With Solana Team

In a significant move, the Unibot core team has announced a decisive shift in its collaboration on the Solana blockchain, pointing toward a future where trust, security, and community values take center stage, per a statement on their official social media accounts. 

Unibot Core Team Emphasizes Commitment To Transparency and Security

This pivot comes as the team ends its partnership with the group that previously deployed Unibot on Solana, citing a misalignment with Unibot’s foundational principles of transparency, security, and honesty.

According to a recent Unibot’s official X account update, this separation was fueled by “trust and commitment breaches.” Notably, an unauthorized launch of a Blast bot under Unibot’s name without prior approval and a consistent refusal to adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols “raised red flags.”

Moreover, the Solana group’s failure to fulfill financial obligations to Unibot holders prompted the core team to take decisive action to “protect its community and uphold its standards.”

Despite these challenges, Unibot is turning a new page by announcing a proprietary Solana bot in collaboration with a new partner, which will soon be revealed.

This partnership aims to ensure that Unibot users on the Telegram and Unisol-X platforms can continue engaging with the trading bot securely and efficiently, with the promise of SOL reward tokens directly from the Unibot Core Team.

UNIBOT’s price trends to the downside on the daily chart. Source: UNIBOTUSDT on Tradingview

Unibot Announces Billion-Dollar Milestone And New User-Centric Features

The shift comes at a time of notable achievement for Unibot, having crossed an impressive $1 billion in lifetime trading volume. This milestone, coupled with a daily record of $20 million in volume and an active user base of 10,000, underscores the vibrant growth and potential of Unibot’s platform.

The team is also exploring innovative features to enhance user experience, including trading directly through Telegram for fast transactions, integrating leveraged trades with decentralized exchanges, and expanding trading strategies through options.

As the project embarks on this new chapter, the focus remains squarely on fostering a secure and empowering user environment. With an eye on the future, the Unibot team is committed to “pioneering the next wave of trading bot technology,” guided by the values that have always set them apart.

For those new to the platform or seeking to deepen their engagement, Unibot offers a wealth of resources to get started and maximize their trading experience. According to a community member speaking about the project:

UNIBOT is a pretty incredible invention. Trading with MM (market makers) or a ledger is slow and clunky. Trading directly through telegram is great for fast swaps, scalps, etc. Some things that would blow Team Unibot out of the water…

Cover image from Dall-E, chart from Tradingview

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