“So Absolutely Outstanding”: Miniature Cooking By 5-Year-Old Impresses The Internet

“So Absolutely Outstanding”: Miniature Cooking By 5-Year-Old Impresses The Internet

Recipe videos give a certain sense of satisfaction. Agree? Well, we do too. But these food videos turn all the more interesting with a certain level of creativity, like miniature cooking. One such clip of miniature cooking is making the rounds on the Internet. The clip has set the Internet ablaze not just for its miniature cooking, but for the fact that a 5-year-old is seen doing it. Yes, you read that right. A video shared by an Instagram user shows a five-year-old boy preparing a full-fledged miniature breakfast on a wooden gas stove. The now-viral clip begins with the boy breaking an egg open on a tiny pan. Next to the pan, we can see that the boy is also roasting what looks like sausage slices. While the egg is being fried, the boy can be seen flipping the slices using a fork. He then uses a mini fork to flip the egg. The clip was shared by the boy’s mother, who wrote, “My 5-year-old cooking on his miniature wood stove.”

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Needless to say, the Internet was impressed with the little boy’s culinary skills, especially the way he flipped the egg. 

A user commented, “Dude successfully flipped an over easy egg outta cast iron… Impressive.”

A comment read, “This is so cute, we need more videos of this man cooking.”
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The video also caught the attention of Hollywood actor Jordan James Smith, who wrote, “You’re eating real food meanwhile my niece is making me pretend to eat some plastic pancakes making “nom nom nom” noises then hiding it behind my back as if I ate it for real like some kind of chump.”

Pointing at the size of the egg and utensils, a person joked, “With today’s inflation, that’s all I can afford to eat each day.”

Another wrote, “This is so absolutely outstanding of you to teach your children to cook, I’d be waiting to bet that he cleans and vacuumed his own room too, in my opinion, you are outstanding parents good job.”

“I love this, teaching this young person independence, it’s so great to see this, instead of him with a cell phone or tablet glued to his hands,” read a comment.

So far the clip has been viewed more than 9 million times.

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