Saheefa Jabbar divulges bizarre encounter with fan | The Express Tribune

Saheefa Jabbar divulges bizarre encounter with fan | The Express Tribune

Renowned Pakistani actress Saheefa Jabbar Khattak recently made a guest appearance on host and actor Imran Ashraf’s chat show where she shared a rather unusual and unsettling incident involving a fan. In a candid conversation with the host, Saheefa disclosed an encounter during a dinner outing, where a fan approached her and her husband. “A woman approached us…Imran, she insulted me,” the actor made the shocking revelation.

“She said you come from the industry and we don’t think such women are decent,” Saheefa recounted how the fan proceeded to disparage her for a continuous five minutes, expressing disapproval towards women working in the showbiz industry.

However, before leaving, the fan made a request to Saheefa that added a bizarre twist to the incident. The celebrity recalled, “But the strangest twist is that after insulting me for five minutes when she was leaving, she asked, ‘Can I take a selfie with you?’”

During the interview, Saheefa also took the opportunity to emphasise the importance of mental health, shedding light on the challenges individuals face in seeking help due to the high associated costs.

She highlighted the staggering expense of Rs3000 per session, three times a week, which many people cannot afford, preventing them from accessing the support they need. To address this issue, she proposed the creation of communities and safe spaces by influential individuals, where people can openly express their emotions and find solace.

Recently, the star took to Instagram to share a glimpse of her comeback project, Rafta Rafta, as she held a script with enthusiasm and positivity.

In an Instagram post, Saheefa shared an image dressed in elegant white attire, radiating joy as she held the script. The caption hinted at her much-anticipated return, saying, “Is that me coming back after four long years?” This revelation sparked excitement among her followers, who have eagerly been anticipating the star’s comeback to the screen.

The show, titled Rafta Rafta, is the project that marks Saheefa’s return to the acting realm. The actor also took to her Instagram Story to share additional insights and emotions regarding the upcoming venture. In a note, she expressed her elation, saying, “I feel so good that I’m not crying this time.” Saheefa reflected on her previous roles where emotional scenes were predominant, stating that the new character mirrors her real-life personality, offering a refreshing change.

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