Rashmika Mandanna’s Skincare Routine Unveiled; Prefers Nature-Infused Skincare Solutions – News18

Rashmika Mandanna’s Skincare Routine Unveiled; Prefers Nature-Infused Skincare Solutions – News18

Rashmika Mandanna isn’t just celebrated for her acting skills but also for her innate beauty and captivating charm. Beyond makeup and skincare, her beauty regimen imparts valuable lessons. As with any notable celebrity, she has her go-to skincare essentials. Here, as we talk to Rashmika, she offers insights into the products that contribute to her radiant allure.

Question 1: As someone who’s always in the limelight, how do you use your platform to interact with your followers about the significance of skincare and keeping our skin happy and healthy?

I believe in keeping my routines for maintaining skin-health, mental and physical wellbeing very simple. For me maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and overall skin health is extremely important. When people inquire about the secret to my glowing skin, I enjoy sharing my routine and the products I use. However, I always emphasize that what works for me might vary for someone else because it truly depends on individual skin types; all skins are beautiful, so choose what suits you.

Question 2: Could you take us through your daily skincare routine and spill the beans on the products that have won your heart?

In my daily body care and skincare routine, I like to strike a balance between moisturization and hydration. My day usually begins with an indulgent, refreshing, long shower, with Sandalwood Oil & Patchouli Gel Bar. I follow this up with a light-weight moisturiser and sunscreen, leaving my skin supple and hydrated.

Question 3: What’s your take on the skincare trends we can expect for 2024?

Nature, in my opinion, has the answer to all our questions. I believe, we as consumers, are going back to our roots and to natural ingredients for choosing products best suited for our skin. As our awareness increases, the trend of moving away from products with chemicals that are detrimental to our skin and environment keeps gaining momentum. Along with nature-based ingredients, technology also plays a crucial role in skincare. This blend of nature and technology in my view will have a role to play in the coming years.

Question 4: What specific elements of ITC Fiama’s Sandalwood Oil & Patchouli soap that resonated with you, ultimately motivating you to collaborate as the brand ambassador for these products?

Sandalwood oil has been more than just an aromatic ingredient; it’s been a cherished part of my upbringing, deeply rooted in the rich traditions of my Coorgi heritage. So, when I was approached to collaborate as the brand ambassador for Fiama Sandal, it felt like a natural alignment of my personal history with a brand that shares my values.

I was honored to embark on this journey with ITC Fiama, as we delved deep into the emotions, promises, and perceptions associated with these timeless ingredients. For me it is not just about endorsing products; it is about celebrating the cultural significance and profound connections that sandalwood oil and patchouli hold for me and countless others. This collaboration allows me to share my pride and affinity towards these traditions while representing a brand that is committed to providing quality & authentic products.

Question 5: During your demanding schedule, how do you find that the incorporation of Sandalwood oil contributes to maintaining a sense of freshness and rejuvenation throughout your busy days?

Sandalwood has been a part of my childhood. It has always helped me feel a sense of serenity over the years. In my demanding schedule, the scent of sandalwood oil brings in a sense of tranquility and evokes cherished memories of my grandmother’s wisdom. Its familiar fragrance transports me to carefree days, offering a moment of peace amidst the chaos.

Incorporating Sandalwood Oil and Patchouli Gel Bar as a part of my bathing ritual has brought a sense of freshness and rejuvenation, providing a comforting pause amidst shoots and work. It’s a small yet powerful ritual that helps in anchoring myself enabling me to tackle busy days with renewed energy.

Question 6: Any secret beauty tips or tricks you’ve picked up along the way in your career, especially when it comes to keeping your skin radiant and healthy?

I have always endeavored to maintain my skin health through a holistic mind, body, and skin care routine. Staying hydrated has always been my priority. I make it a point to sip on water consistently throughout the day, ensuring my skin stays nourished from the inside out. Additionally, sticking to a regular body care routine is a must. Taking an indulgent bath with ingredients that have a nourishing effect on my skin, is my utmost priority, for maintaining a radiant and healthy skin. ITC Fiama Sandalwood Oil & Patchouli Gel Bar has been my constant companion in my journey of maintaining a smooth and glowing skin.

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