Ladies! Here is why you should never wear make-up while exercising

Ladies! Here is why you should never wear make-up while exercising

Recent research reveals adverse effects of makeup while exercising on skin moisture, pore size, and oil levels

Stephanie Becerra touches up her makeup before a workout at CYC Fitness in Chelsea. — NY Post

While it might be tempting for some women to apply foundation before hitting the gym, a recent study cautions against exercising with makeup on, highlighting the likely drawbacks on skin health, Daily Mail reported. 

The research published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology involved 43 healthy college students and revealed the adverse effects of wearing a foundation while exercising, specifically on skin moisture, pore size, and oil levels.

Participants in the study applied foundation cream to one side of the face, while the other half remained makeup-free. A skin analysis device assessed the skin before and after a 20-minute treadmill run.

The results indicated that while moisture increased in both makeup and non-makeup zones post-exercise, the makeup zones showed a more powerful moisture surge, possibly due to the makeup hindering moisture evaporation.

On skin without makeup, the pore size increased after exercise, indicating possible pore blockage induced by applying foundation. Moreover, an increase in oil levels in non-makeup zones and a decrease in the makeup zones indicated challenges in maintaining oil balance when wearing makeup during workouts.

Corresponding author Dongsun Park from the Korea National University of Education stated: “The findings suggest that using foundation cream during aerobic exercise can reduce skin oil, causing dryness. Additionally, makeup can clog pores and increase sebum production.”

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