I’m the hero, Hamza is the heroine of ‘Jaan e Jahan’: Ayeza Khan | The Express Tribune

I’m the hero, Hamza is the heroine of ‘Jaan e Jahan’: Ayeza Khan | The Express Tribune

In a delightful reunion that has left fans thrilled, Ayeza Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi have once again joined forces for the television drama Jaan e Jahan. Portraying the characters of Mahnoor and Shehram, the on-screen duo has ignited a renewed spark of romance, prompting an outpouring of excitement from their dedicated fanbase. 

Ayeza, in an off-set conversation with the production team (shared on the Next Level Backstage YouTube channel), expressed her joy at collaborating with Hamza after a considerable hiatus. The actor playfully referred to Hamza as the “heroine” of Jaan e Jahan, shedding light on the unique dynamic between their characters.

In this drama, Ayeza shared that she assumes the role of the hero, while Hamza takes on the unconventional yet captivating position of the heroine. The storyline unfolds with Mahnoor consistently coming to Shehram’s rescue, a narrative twist that Ayeza finds particularly enjoyable. Fans, in turn, have lauded Mahnoor as a strong character and the steadfast saviour for Shehram, further enhancing the appeal of the show. “I’m the hero of the script,” said Ayeza with a smile, “and Hamza is the heroine.” Laughing, the star added, “Because I keep saving him everywhere and protecting him. It’s a very beautiful story – one that I can’t summarise in words.”

Ayeza also revealed that signing up for the show came with an unexpected surprise – Hamza as the leading man of the drama. Originally offered the role in 2018, circumstances led to a delay, but the stars aligned, and the collaboration finally materialised, marking Hamza’s return to television. “I wasn’t told when I signed on, I was just told there’s a surprise,” recalled Ayeza. “That surprise was Hamza,” she remarked. “I said something extremely fun is about to be made.” Ayeza further shared that while shooting their first scene, she felt a strong sense of déjà vu.

The chemistry between Ayeza and Hamza, coupled with the intriguing narrative of Jaan e Jahan, has resulted in the creation of a magical world that captivates viewers. As the characters of Mahnoor and Shehram navigate the complexities of love, fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding drama, hoping for more mesmerising moments that showcase the on-screen chemistry of this dynamic duo.

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