Finances To Family Feuds, Avoid Discussing These 5 Things With Friends – News18

Finances To Family Feuds, Avoid Discussing These 5 Things With Friends – News18

Avoid discussing the fights you have with your family or partner with friends.

There is a chance that our friends might use certain information to trick us or even harm us if things turn sour.

Friends are an important part of our lives, so much so that sometimes we need them to provide us with comfort and support. Even though our friends can be our lifeline, there are certain things that should be kept a secret, even from the closest of the lot. That is because there is a chance that they might use our information to trick us, or even harm us. So, here is a list of things, which should be kept a secret from your friends. Let us take a look.

Economic details:

Most of our close or best friends are aware of the financial situation we are in. One must avoid going into details regarding their incomes or the financial aspects of their families. One should avoid discussing income, savings, and debt details. Some of it might give them a feeling of jealousy.

Quarrel between a couple:

If one is in a relationship, even a marital relationship, they should avoid discussing the fights they have with their partners. There is a chance that friends might start interfering with our love life otherwise.

Family Feuds:

We should not discuss the secrets of our family with our friends; or issues like family quarrels and disputes should also not be discussed. Our friends might end up losing respect for our family.

Office Problems:

All of us encounter problems at our workplaces, which mostly irritate us. It would only last temporarily. If we share these problems with our friends, they might spread it to other people, and you could get in trouble for sharing confidential information about your office.


One shall avoid discussing the things that cause them insecurity, or things they are unsure of and lack confidence in. If our friends come to know about these insecurities and weaknesses, they might try to use it against us, in order to influence or dominate.

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