Delhi Painter Receives Donor Hands In A Revolutionary Organ Transplant Surgery

Delhi Painter Receives Donor Hands In A Revolutionary Organ Transplant Surgery

In a remarkable medical feat, a Delhi-based painter, who tragically lost both his hands in a train accident, recently underwent a groundbreaking bilateral hand transplant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. This groundbreaking surgery, which lasted 12 hours, was conducted by a team of skilled surgeons, led by Dr. Mahesh Mangal, head of plastic surgery, and Dr. Nikhil Jhunjhunwala, head of hand microsurgery, along with over 20 other experts.

The intricate surgery involved connecting every artery, muscle, tendon, and nerve between the donor’s hands and the recipient’s arms. The successful procedure offers a new lease on life to the recipient, who is expected to be discharged soon and begin his journey towards recovery and rehabilitation.

Organ Donation In India

This inspiring story sheds light on the critical need for organ donation in India. According to the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO), in 2022, Delhi witnessed 11 cadaver donations, resulting in the successful retrieval of 30 organs. However, despite such efforts, India continues to face a severe shortage of organ donors.

India’s organ donation rate is one of the lowest globally, with only 0.1 per cent of the population opting to donate their organs after death, in stark contrast to rates of 70-80 per cent in Western countries. This disparity highlights the urgent need for increased awareness and participation in organ donation initiatives.

Rajkumar’s Journey: Tragic Story

The story of Rajkumar, the 45-year-old recipient of the bilateral hand transplant, is a testament to the power of organ donation and medical innovation. His life-changing surgery not only restores his physical capabilities but also offers him a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

Rajkumar’s journey from tragedy to triumph began in October 2020 when a train accident resulted in the loss of both his hands. Despite being fitted with an artificial arm at Safdarjung Hospital, he struggled to regain full functionality.

However, fate intervened in January when Meena Mehta, a retired vice principal, was admitted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and tragically declared brain-dead. Her family’s decision to donate her organs, including her hands, paved the way for Rajkumar’s life-changing surgery.

After a meticulous 12-hour surgery, Rajkumar is now on the path to recovery, with six weeks of hospital care behind him. His remarkable journey serves as a beacon of hope for countless individuals awaiting organ transplants in India, highlighting the transformative impact of organ donation on lives and communities.

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