Delhi Man Accuses Ola Driver Of Slapping In Front Of 6-Year Son: Check His LinkedIn Post

Delhi Man Accuses Ola Driver Of Slapping In Front Of 6-Year Son: Check His LinkedIn Post

New Delhi: In today’s world, there are many incidents of cab booking difficulties you may have encountered. Some of them instances are late pickups, drivers demanding cash payments, and other inconveniences. These situations have become familiar grievances for users of online ride-hailing apps.

However, a recent incident involving a Delhi man named Kiran Verma has shocked many, as he accused an Ola driver of assaulting him in front of his 6-year-old son. (Also Read: Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg In Indian Wedding Attire: Check How These Mogul Looks In Traditional Outfit)

What He Alleged In LinkedIn Post?

According to Verma’s account in a LinkedIn post, the incident occurred last month when he and his son booked an Ola cab to pick someone up from the airport. (Also Read: 7 Fresh IPOs Set To Hit Market This Week: Check A-Z Of Upcoming Offerings)

Verma claimed that the driver requested him to cancel the ride and pay in cash, which he refused. This refusal led to a confrontation between Verma and the driver.

Verma detailed in his post, “The driver asked me to cancel the ride and pay him in cash. I denied and with unwanting will, he started the trip.”

He further stated that the driver took an alternate route from their destination, citing traffic congestion. Verma alleged that the driver then demanded additional payment, escalating the situation.

What Happened At The Moment?

Verma recounted that his son, frightened by the escalating tension, urged him to leave the car. Concerned for his son’s safety, Verma contacted both the Ola helpline and the police.

As Verma and his son exited the vehicle, the situation took a violent turn when the driver allegedly slapped him.

Describing the incident, Verma stated, “Meanwhile, when I refused to pay him, I clicked his picture with my bag. He came out and slapped me.” Verma emphasized that he did not resort to using abusive language during his communication with the Ola representative.

LinkedIn Post Goes Viral

Verma’s LinkedIn post garnered significant attention, with many social media users expressing concern and solidarity with his experience.

Some users shared their own encounters with similar ordeals, highlighting broader safety concerns associated with online ride-hailing services.

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